Pearl Handled Revolver were brought together by a mutual love of all things gritty, psychedelic and cinematic and a desire to create music uninhibited by considerations of genre, taste or decency. From the outset the band have been passionate about following their musical instincts rather than adhering to a particular style or fashion. Their unique take on the heavier side of life is borne of this adventurous spirit, which has, in turn, enabled them to absorb a myriad of influences drawn from the darkest corners of the blues to the outer edges of psychedelic expression, from primal rock n roll to cerebral film score.

'They sound like some half remembered dream you had about Tom Waits fronting the Doors. Creepy, Groovy and utterly infectious'.Classic Rock Magazine

The quartet’s recording output is also prolific; between 2010 and 2013, they released four EPs and two full length albums, all of which were recorded and produced by the band in their very own studio. Throughout this time, they have snared widespread praise from the likes of Powerplay Magazine and Classic Rock, Guitar & Bass and Blues Matters. The band have also widely toured throughout the UK and Europe, playing with acts as varied as The Black Crowes, Stray, The Blockheads, FM, The Quireboys, Black Star Riders, Toots and the Maytalls, Wilko Johnson and Focus.

Following the departure of their bassist in 2013, they resolved to continue as a quartet. This changed musical dynamic inspired another evolution in the Pearl Handled Revolver sound, prompting them to begin writing and recording the material for their widest ranging studio album to date, ‘If The Devil Cast His Net’. The result is a truly dynamic and atmospheric combination of heavy rock's energy and vitality, cutting blues and scorching psychedelic flourishes.

'It's music that sounds like it's coming up through the gutter from a subterranean blues club that is frequented by a collection of vagabonds and circus freaks tripping on hallucinogens.'Powerplay