Pearl Handled Revolver have travelled a long way to get to 2019. Thankfully, over the last decade they have had the decency to send regular updates of their escapades. Their four EPs, two Live albums and four studio albums chart a journey from the limits of primal blues, via unlikely liaisons between cult film scores and bare bones Stoner Rock, to blackened psychedelic soul music. The aim, to move the feet while the head slowly succumbs to a barrage of ideas regarding states of madness induced by the modern world.

  • ‘Imagine a late night tavern, exotically scented smoke in the air, Aleister Crowley and Anton LaVey in the corner booth, with Absinthe and out of body experiences on the menu. Pearl Handled Revolver would be the
    house band.ʼ
    Rhythm Magazine

  • ‘People often deride the blues as static, but this psychedelic stew of rock and kaleidoscopic blues shows the medium can be progressive if bands sprinkle invention on it as well as this British outfit do.ʼ
    Powerplay Magazine

  • “Think Nick Cave taking a giant bong hit with Pink Floyd”

    – Classic Rock Magazine –

  • “The psychedelic melodies seep into the mind, lighting up the sky in a wonderful array of
    vivid colours. It’s a trip”
    8.5/10 – Carl Fisher, Games, Brains & A Head-Banging Life

  • ‘With their love of everything that is Psychedelic… they have managed to explore the darkest depths of this musical genre that no-one ever knew existed’ – Fireworks Magazineʼ

  • Dark, Bluesy psychedelia with twists of prog, electronica and weird shit.
    – Classic Rock Magazine

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