PearlHandled Revolver formed out of a shared love of all things gritty, psychedelic

and cinematic, and scant regard for considerations of genre, taste or decency.
Between 2010 and 2019, they have released 4 EPs, 2 live albums and 4 critically acclaimed full
length studio albums.

‘With their love of everything that is Psychedelic… they have managed to
explore the darkest depths of this musical genre that no-one ever knew
existed’ – Fireworks Magazine

Always guided by their musical instincts, their intoxicating blend of psychedelic rock,
dance dynamics, loose limbed grooves and hallucinatory storytelling make for an
unmissable listening experience both on record and in concert.

‘Imagine a late night tavern, exotically scented smoke in the air, Aleister
Crowley and Anton LaVey in the corner booth, with Absinthe and out of body
experiences on the menu. Pearl Handled Revolver would be the house band’
Rhythm Magazine

“Think Nick Cave taking a giant bong hit with Pink Floyd” – Classic Rock Magazine

Contact:     tel: 07831 870584









Band Members:

Lee Vernon:   Vocals / Harmonica

Simon Rinaldo:   Organ / Keyboards / Bass

Chris Thatcher:   Drums / Vocals

Andy Paris:    Guitar / Vocals