Pearl Handled Revolver announce the launch of the next studio album ‘Fantasy Reigns’ July 5th

Pearl Handled Revolver have announced that the next studio album titled ‘Fantasy Reigns’ will be launched on CD, Vinyl and download/stream on 5th July 2019.

Pearl Handled Revolver have travelled a long way to get to 2019. Thankfully, over the last decade they have had the decency to send regular updates of their escapades. Their four EPs, two Live albums and three studio albums chart a journey from the limits of primal blues, via unlikely liaisons between cult film scores and bare bones Stoner Rock, to blackened psychedelic soul music. The aim, to move the feet while the head slowly succumbs to a barrage of ideas regarding states of madness induced by the modern world.

With a nod, a wink and a disclaimer stating that they hope you are wearing loose fitting clothing, they now proudly present their fourth LP ‘Fantasy Reigns’.

Self-produced by the band, it is their most expansive, singular album to date. A soundtrack for both the dance-floor and the dark corners of a club, where release and catharsis can be found in the relentless motion of dance, the rhythms of conversation, shared ideas, the spark and crackle of neurons vibrating in inner space.

Fantasy Reigns’ intoxicating blend of psychedelic rock, dance dynamics, loose limbed grooves and hallucinatory storytelling scores an escape: from the lies we build around ourselves, the lies we’re told and the lies we would rather swallow than face the dark reality of the times.

Fantasy Reigns: will you live a lie, or dare to dream?

Watch this space for videos and trailers……

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