Over the past few weeks there have been many reviews of the new Pearl Handled Revolver album ‘Fantasy Reigns’.  Here are just some of our favourite excerpts so far:

“Think Nick Cave taking a giant bong hit with Pink Floyd”
– Classic Rock Magazine

“‘Fantasy Reigns’ is the sort of album that pulls the listener in many different directions: it’s
contemplative yet energetic, morose yet vibrant, danceable yet thought-provoking… the sort
of album that makes you want to raise your pint glass in ecstatic celebration while at the
same time setting fire to that aniseed-flavoured sugar lump of introspection.”
DJ Monk, Uber-Rock      read the full review {here}:

“The psychedelic melodies seep into the mind, lighting up the sky in a wonderful array of
vivid colours. It’s a trip”
8.5/10 – Carl Fisher, Games, Brains & A Head-Banging Life

“The album switches between psychedelia and bluesy stoner rock seemingly at will, but
blending in that bounce from the trip-hop side of things just adds to the overall picture.
Overall, then, it’s another belter of an album. It’s not like anything else you’ll hear, and it
seamlessly blends psychedelia, prog, blues and more into something distinctive and utterly
compelling.”   – Allan Jones, The Midlands Rocks

A Vaudeville horror show of Psychedelic Blues …my wife went into labour when I was
listening to it”
8/10  – Duncan Jamieson, Powerplay

“With their love of everything that is Psychedelic… they have managed to explore the
darkest depths of this musical genre that no-one ever knew existed”   – Fireworks Magazine

To purchase your copy of Fantasy Reigns on CD or Vinyl click {HERE}

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