Pearl Handled Revolver launch the new video for ‘Siren’

Pearl Handled Revolver have launched the fourth official video for the album ‘Fantasy Reigns’.

The fifth track on the album ‘Siren’ is one of the bands darkest, broody numbers and becoming a live favourite.

‘Siren’ is a cocktail which mixes 1960’s psychedelic influence with a large helping of The Stranglers, adding a cherry on top by way of some guitar work that would be at home in a heavy rock setting. MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC

Siren lives up to its name drawing ears and appetite upon the rapacious rocks of its theatre and intensive darkness. THE RINGMASTER REVIEW

Siren’s dark psychedelic sound is depicted perfectly by the imagery in this video created by our very own Lee Vernon.

To watch Siren  {click here}


You can see all four videos plus some live footage and archive videos by {clicking here}:

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