Released 2017. Recorded over a number of standout live performances from that year. Now Available on CD or MP3 download

Back in the day, bootleg recordings used to generate a real buzz of excitement, the chance to hear the live performances talked about by the lucky few who were there, and the crappy quality of the recordings came second to the wonder of hearing the content. It’s the opposite now of course, with so much appearing instantly on social media from footage captured from smartphones that not only removes the mystery, but the crappy quality almost ruins the memory too.

Fortunately, Pearl Handled Revolver have come to the rescue here with an official bootleg which combines high quality recording while leaving the rawness and atmosphere of the live performance intact – it’s a great mix with no airbrushing.

If you haven’t seen Pearl Handled Revolver live (and if not, go and rectify this the first chance you have – you owe it to yourself) then this album shows you what to expect. All the signature elements from the quartet are here – raw, gritty vocals, dirty blues, authentic psychedelia, huge riffs and layers that are a joy to experience.

There are nine blistering tracks including opener ‘Help Me Down From The Trees’, with its breathtaking diatribe on the horrors of modern day social media, the unrelenting boogie of ‘Rattle Your Bones’, the astounding dynamics of ‘Peace By Piece’ but ‘If The Devil Cast His Net’, the title track of the album released this year, gets my vote for the standout of this set, coming to life in stunning fashion.  – Liz Medhurst – Metal Talk 2017

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  1. Help Me Down From The Trees 6:04
  2. Loverman 3:38
  3. Absinthe in Adelaide 4:19
  4. Going Down 4:10
  5. Rattle Your Bones 3:27
  6. Hello Mary 6:29
  7. Into The Blue 7:34
  8. If The Devil Cast His Net 8:00
  9. Peace by Piece 13:12