Released 2012. 
Now Available on CD or MP3 download.

“…the name Pearl Handled Revolver suggests a juxtaposition of the beautiful and the deadly, of the polished and the brutal and as a piece of imagery, it works superbly.”
”The set is an uncompromising balance of classic Brit Rock and Americana. It is the space that the band gives to their music though which is really refreshing. It would be all too easy for the organʼs subtleties too get lost behind driving guitar and growling bass, yet what PHR achieve as a quintet is the musicianship that knows when to drive the guitar and when to unleash the bass. Iʼm reminded of the tagline from the old Pirelli tyre commercial – ‘Power is nothing without control.ʼ”
Arran Stewart, Indie Music (Nov 05, 2012)

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  1. Stone Thrower 2:58
  2. Maybe In Time 3:29
  3. Woman Made A Man Out Of Me 5:29
  4. Resonate 5:26
  5. Stop Me Dead 6:44
  6. She Can Dance 6:18
  7. Head 3:34
  8. White Lines 2:49
  9. I Will Rise 7:53
  10. Colossus 6:05